Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unique Invitations

It has been rather cool this weekend, so I have been having fun creating some wedding invitations.  If you would like something unique - you have some special hobby, flower, animal, or sports symbol you would like to incorporate, I would love to do your invitations.

This one has a very earthy feeling.  You can see that the pocketfold closes with a leather string.  When the pocketfold opens, the reply card and envelope are enclosed in the pocket, and the invitation is attached with glue dots, which are easily removed.  The envelope is lined with a fern print.

This one I like to think of as Tiffany blue, with a white satin ribbon.  Since it is square and a gatefold, the reply card and envelope are behind the invitation.  The envelope cold be lined with the Tiffany blue also, but I like this tan and cream print.

This one is more floral.  It is closed with a polka dot ribbon and a sprig of Russian sage, dried to a pale lavender.  The envelope liner is a geometric, to offset the floral a bit.  Too much of a good thing ...

The fonts you can use on your invitations are limitless, also.  Also, if it's going to be a less formal wedding, you could have the reply card be a postcard.  It would save a little cash on the postage.

I'm thinking this could be an invitation to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding having the Tiffany blue.  You see the Tiffany blue in the flower and also in the envelope liner.  See how the right side of the paper looks aged.  This one can be so much fun.  Of course you could have this for your invitation, if you are bold enough.  It could easily go into a pocketfold, also.

These are from the real wedding of Emily Spears and Aaron Hammer.  We had so much fun doing these.

Crest of the spear and hammer designed by Emily Hoops Sanders
Overbay Photography

Overbay Photography

You could include as many small cards as you want in the pocket.  We thought about having a DIRECTIONS card, but we just included that information on the website.

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