Sunday, October 10, 2010

Harmonious Relationships with Vendors

As a wedding planner, one of the most critical parts of the wedding is having a good relationship with the other vendors.  I am happy to help other vendors with parts of the wedding they should have been responsible for, if it will help my client.  My goal for the day is to see that the couple is not stressed and that everything goes smoothly and that their dream wedding becomes a reality.
I would say that the following vendors should be carefully selected to ensure a harmonious and perfect wedding:
Cake Baker

Of course, if you hire someone who is less experienced, you will probably save money, but the risk is that they will be less competent.  If you have me to help you with the vendors, I can ask them all the right questions so that we are sure that all areas will be covered, who will be responsible for each item, and what time each item will be performed.  Even an inexperienced vendor will perform well if all the areas are addressed.

Even with really good vendors, there can be misunderstandings.  I can help you to be sure that everything is very clear.

Of course you can have a wedding without a planner, but having one really is worth it.  Happy Weddings everyone!

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