Sunday, August 29, 2010

Real Wedding - Tiffany Taylor and Bill Owen

June 26, 2010

This couple came back to the bride’s former home in Kingsport, TN from West Palm Beach, Florida to be married. As you can see, the couple are very happy and enjoying the day. The entire wedding party was having a great time. The bride had been very involved with the wedding details, even from such a distance. I really enjoyed working with this group. Almost all of the flowers were locally grown, I just added a punch of green button mums, which were shipped here. Hope you enjoy seeing them.

Photography by Ricky Jones

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink and Blue Isn't Just for Babies

I have had such a busy week.  Wednesday I made flower arrangements for the flower festival at my church, First Broad Street Methodist. We had such a great time decorating the entire church as a gift to our community.  I did get to make a pink carnation wreath I had seen in Martha Stewart Weddings It was surprisingly not very time consuming and turned out beautifully. It takes about three dozen carnations to make a 12" wreath. I accented mine with green hypericum berries, and hung it in a window with green ribbon.

I also attended a wonderful workshop on making floral centerpieces, with Samuel Franklin, the featured artist, from Clinton, Tennessee.  He had so many fun, modern ideas. 
Oh, baby, what would a blue and pink wedding look like?  Here are just a few ideas: The bride could wear pink shoes, as well as the bridesmaids.  The Kate Spade shoes might be a little expensive to ask the bridesmaids to purchase, but aren't they really beautiful?  The rsvp shoes are really cute, too, and less than a third the cost of the Kate Spade. 

The flowers, hydrangea, peonies, and stargazer lilies would be gorgeous together, or separate, in different areas.  Some peonies in the blue pottery vase, along the floor to designate the family pews, would be beautiful.  If someone purchased a couple of those vases for that purpose, it would make a wonderful wedding gift.  The bridesmaids could carry pink hydrangea, and the bridal bouquet include stargazer lilies and hydrangea.

The pink napkins add a pop to the place settings.  Look at that heavenly blueberry cake.  It is alternating lemon curd and blueberry filling.  I am a big fan of fruit, and it is so beautiful!  Does the pink lemonade look great for a summer wedding?  Can you imagine that in a big five-gallon jar?  Yum.

Then, just so it doesn't look too pink, the wedding attire could be blue.

Kate Spade at
Cake by Jim Smeal

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weddings - the Movie Version

Of course weddings are my favorite thing, but a really close second are movies.  If I can see a movie about a wedding, that is bliss.  I love wedding-themed movies like Father of the Bride, Steel Magnolias, My Best Friend's Wedding, and even the dark comedy Very Bad Things.

I saw a very good film this weekend, thanks to the State of Franklin Film Society, which was not at all about a wedding, just included a wedding in the script.  The film was Cyrus, a Fox Searchlight picture, starring John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, and Marissa Tomei.  The movie was a wonderful character study of a young man who is totally, emotionally dependent on his mother.

Of course, I had a problem with the wedding part of the movie.  The man was invited to his ex-wife's wedding, which probably did not include "and guest".  He invited his new girlfriend, who he had known for about two days, then she invited her son.  This is not how weddings are handled.  Usually weddings are carefully orchestrated, beginning with the guest list.  The budget depends on the number of people invited.  There might not have been enough space for two additional people, not to mention that the food and alcohol budget was not prepared for those people.  What if everyone invited two additional people?

The next flaw was that, as everyone was arriving at the wedding, they were bringing gifts.  This happens so often, that we have to plan to have a gift table, but the bride and groom are leaving after the wedding to go on a honeymoon.  They can't open gifts and transport them.  We are trying hard to get people to know that they should not bring a gift to the wedding, and having this in a movie just makes it seem more acceptable.  The bride and groom are enjoying your company at the wedding.  They invited you because they consider you a close friend.  Please arrange to deliver your gift to a bridal shower or to their home before the wedding.

Please see this movie, this week only, at Real to Reel  This is a rare treat to be able to see this type of movie in the summer.  You can read more about the State of Franklin Film Society on Facebook. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Real Simple Weddings

If you are newly-engaged, or even if your wedding is only a month away, the Real Simple Weddings is a very good magazine to have.  I have one of the pull-out guides in my purse all the time to reference vendors, timelines, checklists, budget worksheets, and even a form for reception songs.  Could I make one of these myself?  Of course, I could but the Real Simple one is so pretty, I just love having it.

The magazine is not so focused on wedding gowns as some of the other magazines, so if you already have that "just perfect, fits me, makes me look wonderful" dress, get this magazine for additional information.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Much Fun Could You Have?

Wouldn't you love to have a month to travel and see so many wonderful places?  Travelzoo has a deal on JetBlue for one month September 7 through October 6,  unlimited flights for $499 (no Friday or Sunday) or $699 anywhere JetBlue flies.  They go to some really exotic places, Aruba, Montego Bay, Bermuda, St. Maarten, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Houston, New York, Boston, DC.  You could go from one place to another, not returning home for a month.  How much fun would that be!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Real Wedding Rachel Johns and Matt Osborne

August 22, 2009 Wedding

Rachel Johns and Matt Osborne

I very much enjoyed directing this wedding and helping with the flowers, partly because Matt is a very close friend, whose parents have been friends of mine before he was born.

The wedding was at The Lodge at Table Rock in Pickens, South Carolina. Not only were the surroundings very beautiful, but the lodge was a perfect place for a big party. The wedding party and families stayed in cabins for the entire weekend, traipsed back and forth visiting with everyone, and getting to know all of the family and friends on both sides. The entire wedding party was a joy to be with.

The flowers were grown locally. How green is that! See for more information. Linda Doane met with us and helped us with knowing what would be available in August. She is very helpful.

Matt and Rachel had the perfect wedding – very planned, but very casual. They left the park in a canoe. Hope you enjoy seeing these just in time for their first anniversary.

Photography by Amy Callahan Photography

Monday, August 16, 2010

And the bride carried a bouquet of white...

Oh, a June wedding and the bride likes white flowers. The list for that would be endless, and white flowers are so modern and pure. Of course, I could use calla lilies and roses, very traditional, but they aren’t the only truly gorgeous white flowers, and the calla lilies are so expensive.

Look at the lisianthus and tulip. They both are a warmer vision and so beautiful. The peonies and hydrangea are both huge and showy, and would look so good with green hypericum berries, or just some greenery to bring more focus to the flowers.

Daisies are the less formal version, and could be used for flower girl halos. Don’t discount baby’s breath. A bouquet of that alone is both beautiful and inexpensive. The gladiolus is a good choice to add height, some as tall as 48”.

The ranunculus would be very striking, maybe with a black or green center.

Maybe the bride would enjoy all white, and have her bridesmaids have a mixture.

The planning is so much fun!