Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weddings - the Movie Version

Of course weddings are my favorite thing, but a really close second are movies.  If I can see a movie about a wedding, that is bliss.  I love wedding-themed movies like Father of the Bride, Steel Magnolias, My Best Friend's Wedding, and even the dark comedy Very Bad Things.

I saw a very good film this weekend, thanks to the State of Franklin Film Society, which was not at all about a wedding, just included a wedding in the script.  The film was Cyrus, a Fox Searchlight picture, starring John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, and Marissa Tomei.  The movie was a wonderful character study of a young man who is totally, emotionally dependent on his mother.

Of course, I had a problem with the wedding part of the movie.  The man was invited to his ex-wife's wedding, which probably did not include "and guest".  He invited his new girlfriend, who he had known for about two days, then she invited her son.  This is not how weddings are handled.  Usually weddings are carefully orchestrated, beginning with the guest list.  The budget depends on the number of people invited.  There might not have been enough space for two additional people, not to mention that the food and alcohol budget was not prepared for those people.  What if everyone invited two additional people?

The next flaw was that, as everyone was arriving at the wedding, they were bringing gifts.  This happens so often, that we have to plan to have a gift table, but the bride and groom are leaving after the wedding to go on a honeymoon.  They can't open gifts and transport them.  We are trying hard to get people to know that they should not bring a gift to the wedding, and having this in a movie just makes it seem more acceptable.  The bride and groom are enjoying your company at the wedding.  They invited you because they consider you a close friend.  Please arrange to deliver your gift to a bridal shower or to their home before the wedding.

Please see this movie, this week only, at Real to Reel  This is a rare treat to be able to see this type of movie in the summer.  You can read more about the State of Franklin Film Society on Facebook. 

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