Monday, August 16, 2010

And the bride carried a bouquet of white...

Oh, a June wedding and the bride likes white flowers. The list for that would be endless, and white flowers are so modern and pure. Of course, I could use calla lilies and roses, very traditional, but they aren’t the only truly gorgeous white flowers, and the calla lilies are so expensive.

Look at the lisianthus and tulip. They both are a warmer vision and so beautiful. The peonies and hydrangea are both huge and showy, and would look so good with green hypericum berries, or just some greenery to bring more focus to the flowers.

Daisies are the less formal version, and could be used for flower girl halos. Don’t discount baby’s breath. A bouquet of that alone is both beautiful and inexpensive. The gladiolus is a good choice to add height, some as tall as 48”.

The ranunculus would be very striking, maybe with a black or green center.

Maybe the bride would enjoy all white, and have her bridesmaids have a mixture.

The planning is so much fun!