Friday, August 27, 2010

Pink and Blue Isn't Just for Babies

I have had such a busy week.  Wednesday I made flower arrangements for the flower festival at my church, First Broad Street Methodist. We had such a great time decorating the entire church as a gift to our community.  I did get to make a pink carnation wreath I had seen in Martha Stewart Weddings It was surprisingly not very time consuming and turned out beautifully. It takes about three dozen carnations to make a 12" wreath. I accented mine with green hypericum berries, and hung it in a window with green ribbon.

I also attended a wonderful workshop on making floral centerpieces, with Samuel Franklin, the featured artist, from Clinton, Tennessee.  He had so many fun, modern ideas. 
Oh, baby, what would a blue and pink wedding look like?  Here are just a few ideas: The bride could wear pink shoes, as well as the bridesmaids.  The Kate Spade shoes might be a little expensive to ask the bridesmaids to purchase, but aren't they really beautiful?  The rsvp shoes are really cute, too, and less than a third the cost of the Kate Spade. 

The flowers, hydrangea, peonies, and stargazer lilies would be gorgeous together, or separate, in different areas.  Some peonies in the blue pottery vase, along the floor to designate the family pews, would be beautiful.  If someone purchased a couple of those vases for that purpose, it would make a wonderful wedding gift.  The bridesmaids could carry pink hydrangea, and the bridal bouquet include stargazer lilies and hydrangea.

The pink napkins add a pop to the place settings.  Look at that heavenly blueberry cake.  It is alternating lemon curd and blueberry filling.  I am a big fan of fruit, and it is so beautiful!  Does the pink lemonade look great for a summer wedding?  Can you imagine that in a big five-gallon jar?  Yum.

Then, just so it doesn't look too pink, the wedding attire could be blue.

Kate Spade at
Cake by Jim Smeal

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