Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wedding Planning ~ a Great Christmas Gift

Don’t Know What to Get Your Engaged Daughter/ Granddaughter?
Lots of young women are engaged or will become engaged this Christmas season.  One of the most generous gifts you could possibly give them would be a wedding planner.  Sure you can plan and manage a wedding on your own, but I could help smooth the way toward a stress-free day of your dreams, and save you money along the way.  Since I have experience with many vendors, I know how you can invest your money where it counts.  I can find out what are the most important elements to you, and work hard to find you a great professional at a great price.  Let your mother know, or your grandmother, that this could be the best Christmas gift you get.  Now through January 9, I will give you a $25 discount for booking a wedding.  You don’t have to make a commitment until we have had a face to face meeting.  I want you to like working with me, and I have every expectation that we will make a great team to pull off the wedding you have always wanted.  Check out my website at

Have a great Christmas season, and a Mistletoe new year!

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas season is such a busy time for everyone, it seems that it would be a terrible time for a wedding because people wouldn't be able to take time out of their schedules to come and celebrate with you.  I disagree.  I think people who truly love you will make time to do the things they really want to do. 

Planning a wedding during the Christmas season has advantages.  Our church is decorated for Christmas.  If you had a dress, a ring, and a photographer, you could pull it off tomorrow.  The church is available tomorrow, but not next Saturday when a very lucky couple will be getting married there.

The Altar Guild at First Broad Street United Methodist Church has some very talented people.  They decorated ten windows like the one pictured here, and I did two of these matching arrangements for either side of the communion table.

That's only in the sanctuary.  The entire church is decorated inside and out.  Except for Easter, Christmas is the holiest of holidays.  We must always remember why we celebrate.

The words ALWAYS BELIEVE aren't just for Santa Claus.  Merry Christmas everyone!