Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gator Chop!

Living here in Tennessee, with Steve Spurrier, our native son coaching for Florida for years, a lot of animosity was created among UT football fans toward Florida.  This probably was the reason I had never experienced the Gator Chop.
Sunday, September 4, I had the opportunity to direct a wedding for Savanna Trent and Brian Greer.  This was a beautiful wedding at Allandale Mansion.  The flowers were white and yellow daisies and sunflowers.  The wedding was followed by a tea.  The cake was not stacked, but presented as several separate cakes, all especially tasty.
The bride was so excited from the moment she arrived until she left saying a special goodbye to every person in the exit line.  In the room where the girls were hanging out and getting dressed, a picture was taken of all the girls with their arms wide and far apart, then closed, mimicking the chop of an alligator.  It’s fun to see the excitement of any college group.
The best man was in full dress uniform, a reminder that our freedom is not free.  His lovely wife, who is several months pregnant, attended with their very young, affectionate daughter.
Some of the guests were surprised that we had mosquitoes, but said they were so tiny, you couldn’t even see them.  I guess we have something to be thankful for.  If our mosquitoes were larger, they might take bigger bites.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Gaige Gillespie - So Handsome

I was very excited about making this banner, after seeing it on the Martha Stewart website, and thankfully Stacie Hughes Gillespie went along with my enthusiasm.  Sometimes young children don't perform well at weddings, but they are young, and you can't expect them to act on command.  However, Gaige was a perfect ring bearer (banner carrier).  After the wedding, he came up to me and said, "I did it", and put his hand up to give me five.  He was a doll, as you can see in this photo by Overbay Photography.