Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Osage Oranges

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Today I went out to harvest osage oranges, which grow here in Tennessee and are ripe this time of year. It made me so happy, because I had such fond memories of them.  Last year, I was so obsessed about getting them to use in the decorations for my daughter's wedding, and they hadn't matured.  The minute Emily said she wanted to use lime green and marine blue, I knew the osage oranges had to be part of the festivities.

I ordered some from the midwest, then after the frost ours came down.  On their website, they claim that having them in your home rids your home of insects.  Well, you can't eat them, so I guess they have to promote them some way.  But, even Crate and Barrel had some fake ones, so I guess they are more popular than I had thought.

Which brings to mind that decorating for a wedding could involve any number of things.  This time of year, branches with fall leaves would be really pretty.  I have made arrangements with leaves, which look very classy.  The miniature pumpkins look really good, as well as the ornamental gourds.

Happy Fall!

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