Sunday, October 3, 2010


I want to share with you something I learned from a friend's mother early in life

1.  Don't spend so much on a house that you don't have money for fun.

Also, something I wish I had known early in my married life.

2.  It's better to know what kind of style you have for decorating before you begin buying things. 

It will also help you to avoid costly mistakes.  I have been really enjoying watching Nate Berkus on Oprah for a long time, but it has usually been only a 15-30 minute segment (and Oprah has so many viewers that the advertising probably took up ten minutes of that).  Now ABC brings you The Nate Berkus show!  See more about it at

He has celebrities on to show their design style.  He has viewers on with their design problems.  He gives really great advice on how to do things for less cash.  He even has viewers on to show off their successes.  One day he had a quiz so that you could discover your personal style.  What I love that he said is that you continually add things to your home to make it your own.  You might collect those things on your travels or your style might be to have a very modernistic approach and to have a very clean environment with very few accessories (making what you do have very important).  Monday's show is Design in a Day.

I love watching him bring things together, even when it's not my style.  What style are you?

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