Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I'm sure anyone who loves weddings has seen the wedding of William and Kate.  I loved the idea of the trees at the ceremony.  The green hydrangea were very nice.  I noticed that the bouquets were small.  Kate is a very small person, so having a small bouquet was not only tasteful, but didn't detract from her dress.

I also loved having the boys' choir at the wedding.  We could pull that off, though I would love to have a children's choir, and not exclude the girls.

I have been making some floral pins this weekend.  These could easily be attached to a barrette, instead. 

Also, if you love the look, I could make a fascinator.  The fascinator has become very popular lately because Pricesss Catherine doesn't like to wear hats.  I would just make the flower on a much larger scale.  I could even put some netting on it, if you'd like.

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