Friday, February 11, 2011

Let Him Eat Cake!

Women love to be wooed.  We love flowers, jewelry and perfume.  Valentine's Day has to be so easy for a man, but what does a woman buy?  If you want to get something he'll really like that doesn't break the bank, think about a food gift. 

You could get cream cheese-filled cinnamon rolls or cheddar biscuits at Rose Cottage Bakery at 113 W. Market Street, Kingsport.  You could get a custom cake at Sweet Revenge Cakery.

You could get wonderful breads or apple dumplings at Scratch Bakery in Johnson City.  You could get bagels, cookies or scones at Panera Bread.  You can get cream pies, tarts or truffles at Main Street Cafe, Jonesborough.

At Blackbird Bakery in Bristol, their specialty is doughnuts, but you can get baklava or chocolate croissants.

I'm making myself hungry.  Call now if you want to get something special for Valentine's Day.

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