Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buttons and Bows

Buttons and bows
They look so pretty, you see
And they will look really nice
Underneath your Christmas tree.

This was a rap song a second grade class as Southside Elementary did one year!

You might think that bows would be a nice touch for kids' clothes or headbands, but they are absolutely everywhere now.  You could get a Big Shot and accessorize your own clothes.  Crystal Bennett is teaching classes in how to make holiday cards, and this is a first for her and a friend, venturing into fabrics http://web.me.com/almanzorj/Stampin/Workshops.html

I have been sewing since I was thirteen years old, so when I see something like this, I instantly know how easy it would be to jazz up something. 

Think about how easy it would be to put all these bows on the sleeve of a bridesmaid's dress.  Then, after the wedding, your bridesmaid could decide for herself whether to keep them.  I really love the embellishments, but not everyone is as frilly.

If you have some ordinary ballet flats, you could add these bows to them.

This is just a very plain scarf with lots of embellishment.

You need to hurry if you want to take Crystal's class.  It will be a fun night and you will have the opportunity to make several things to take home.  Go through your closet and find some sweaters that need a little something extra.

Enjoy your holidays!

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