Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Award For Best Director Goes To...

Charity Clark/Nathan Shepherd Wedding
Avery stopping to smell the flowers
I love movies.  I see as many as I can at the theater, but, since we live in such a small community, I'm never able to see them all. 

This past weekend was the Academy Awards, the season's best.  When I was watching it for the second time, I was particularly moved by Michael Douglas's introduction for the best director award.

A director is not someone you see, not someone you hear, not someone most people even think about or recognize.  So what does a director do?
"A director does everything imaginable to achieve a singular vision."

That's what I do for you on your wedding day.  After all the planning, all the phone calls, all the decisions you have had to make, all the lists, shouldn't you have someone like me to orchestrate your wedding?  You deserve someone very experienced to help you with one of the biggest moments of your life.  All of those little details must be handled by someone.  I can handle them without being told and without your even knowing that they exist.  Call me (423)943-2630.

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